A 2.7-meter catfish was caught by the fisherman

You never know what you’ll catch when you go fishing. A typical day on a lake or river generally yields the same results. However, on certain days, you may feel as though you’re in for a major catch. Few individuals expect to break a world record, but it does happen.

Benjamin Gründer is aware that the record has been broken because he broke it unofficially himself. He grabbed a huge catfish while fishing on the Po River in Italy. Okay, “large” is an exaggeration. The massive catfish measured 2.7 meters in length and weighed 128 kg. The photographs of Benjamin with the catfish appear to be CGI creations. This fish dwarfs the person who dragged it ashore.

Benjamin caught a fish much like any other. When he initially staggered, he thought something was wrong. The fisherman speculated that the hook became entangled in the tree’s root. Probably, the heavyweight made moving the fish difficult, and he mistook himself for being hooked on something stationary. The “stationary” item then began to move.

Surprisingly, getting the fish aboard the boat didn’t take long. The prey had arrived after 45 minutes. The photoshoot began with Benjamin and the fish. Fortunately, someone had brought a camera. Without such compelling images, who would believe in history?

But how come this is an unofficial record? Benjamin let go of the catfish. No one has weighed the fish or made any formal claims to the record. And this has its own advantages. The amazing creature is still alive and fighting.

Do you have any fishing buddies? What were they fortunate enough to catch?

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