“Such as he should not have children”: daughter Celentano told the truth about the famous father

Adriano Celentano has always been a favorite of the public. He was loved and adored in his native Italy and beyond. Many considered the artist a loving father and an exemplary family man.

He lived all his life with actress Claudia Mori and raised three children.

And despite the intrigues during the marriage, Celentano always cherished his family. However, his youngest daughter Rosalind decided on revelations.

She said that everything was not as rosy as it was presented to the press.

The actor’s daughter admitted that she always lacked her father’s attention, care, and love. Rosalind is sure her brother and older sister felt the same way. Adriano Celentano always thought about his convenience and put himself first. And the fact that children rarely see him did not bother him. As Rosalind said, she understands that actors are selfish creatures, spoiled by the love of the public.

By the way, the daughter of the actors said that despite the fact that the mother devoted herself to the family, she raised them with strictness. Claudia Mori did not consider it necessary to give children maternal affection, tenderness, care, and love. In addition, she considered the norm of the application of punishments. Sometimes physical. Therefore, Rosalind is sure that people like her mother and father should not have children at all. Especially if they are actors.

Rosalind herself forgave her parents long ago. Having become a famous person, she felt the burden of fame on herself. So now Rosalind can enter into the position of her parents and understand them. In addition, when Celentano had a grandson, he opened up to his daughter from a new side. Rosalind had never seen him so loving and caring. He seemed to have fallen into childhood himself. All the love that he could not give to children, the actor gives to his only grandson.

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