Middleton is often seen wearing the princess’ jewelry

The princess’ jewelry is usually worn by the Duchess of Middleton.

In terms of fashion sense, jewelry preferences, and a warm, lovable smile, many people think the Duchess of Middleton and the late princess truly have a lot in common. 

It is well known that Kate frequently wears jewelry that she inherited. 

The princess herself stated that she would like her jewels to be passed down through the generations.

Wedding ring

It is important to note that William chose this specific ring, which best matches Kate, just before he was set to pop the question to his beloved woman! 


The 1914-made tiara was embellished with diamonds and pearls. It was given to Kate as a wedding gift by the Queen herself. She looks beautiful in this, there’s no denying it! 


Princess Diana loved sapphires, and these were one of her favorite pairs of earrings. The earrings were somewhat altered by Prince William in 2010 so that they now complement the ring.


This pearl bracelet was created by Nigel Milne in 1988. Middleton wore this bracelet to the Clarchens Ballhaus premiere in Berlin in 2017, it’s vital to remember. 

Kate probably also received beautiful gifts from other royal family members. Additionally, she received this well-known bracelet as a wedding gift from Camila Parker Bowles. 

What a lovely, fashionable lady!

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