A 64-year-old grandmother is a role model for women 40 and older. I show how you can and should look at 64 years old

I show you how you can and should look at 64 years old. Today we will tell you about a 62-year-old woman named Linda Jaeger, whose appearance deserves universal respect. Her figure is sporty, which is not inherent in women over 40 years old.

We will talk about Linda’s life, where she was born, what she does in life and how she manages to keep herself in such great shape. A woman was born in the province of Ontario, Canada, on August 12, 1958, where she lives to this day. She is 64 years old, but she can give odds to any forty-year-old woman.

What is the secret of her youth?

The main secret is proper nutrition and constant physical activity. She started training at the age of 21 and continues active training today.

But, for 30 years, the woman worked out at home, as she was afraid to go to the gym. Then, nevertheless, she decided, she began to go to the gym and became interested in bodybuilding.

Over the past eleven years, Linda has managed to win the bodybuilding championship five times in her province. She competed with women from 38 years old. She continues to perform alongside professionals today.

Linda wakes up at half-past five in the morning to do cardio training, and in the evening she goes to the gym, where strength training awaits her, and so every day.

To enhance the result, Linda eats right and drinks plenty of water. She also follows the two main rules of a healthy lifestyle – this is rest for at least seven hours a day and “no” to stress.

The woman was convinced from her own experience that the observance of these unspoken rules is the main secret of youth.

Without a doubt, Linda can and should be set as an example to all women.

At 64, she manages to be a fitness trainer, a fitness model, and a five-time bodybuilding champion. She really has a lot to learn. We wish her continued success and longevity.

I am sure that Linda’s example will inspire many women and give them the strength to change their lives for the better.

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