A baby deer felt very lonely, but when they introduced her to a sweet bunny, everything changed…

The most common game animal in New York, and one that can be found all around the state, is the white-tailed deer.

One of the rescued cubs is Nelly, a deer youngster who was only a few weeks old when she was saved.

The rescue crew realized that the infant needed a friend most of all as a result.

Thus, meet Polly, a really endearing and distinctive rabbit who also happens to be a “resident” of the rescue facility.

Polly was just five weeks old when she met Nellie, making her another young child.

Nelly walked over to Polly as soon as she saw her and began to lick her.

Polly, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind at all and started following Nellie around after that.

The two cute critters hit it up right away. They enjoyed spending a lot of time lying in the corner together just staring at one another.

Together, they completed every task, supporting one another at all times.

They eventually began taking Nellie outside so that she might become accustomed to being outside as well.

Later, she also developed communication skills with other rescued animals.

They were both thriving and getting busier every day.

We are also glad to announce that they will both be completely prepared for release into the wild in the spring.

Nellie and Polly were able to overcome all of their obstacles thanks to their excellent bond, and they are now ready for life in the wild.

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