A baby squirrel approached a kind pit bull, asking her to be his new mommy…

There is no love purer than that between a mother and her child.

Everlyn, a compassionate pitbull, fell in love with an abandoned squirrel and experienced the entire thrill of motherhood.

It was shown that he had unquestionably picked a pit bull as his mother.

Everlyn has a reputation for being a loving dog that possesses all the best traits a dog can have.

Morgan, Everly’s mother, was not shocked by the manner the dog gave the squirrel when he came to her.

One day, when they were taking a stroll together, one of the squirrels caught their attention as it appeared to be alone himself.

He must have thought Everlyn would make a wonderful mother for him after seeing the dog.

The small squirrel constantly pursued the dog and eventually showed up inside their home.

The squirrel made the decision to cuddle up next to the dog and move even closer to her.

They eventually fell asleep next to each other.

Everlyn adopted the squirrel that day and raised him lovingly ever after.

The mother of the pit bull eventually realized that the infant required more care than they could provide, so she sent the squirrel to a wildlife sanctuary.

The baby could receive the greatest care there, but the dog’s devotion to him will be remembered forever since she never left him alone and took care of him when he needed it most.

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