A beautiful couple! Tina Kunaki published rare wedding footage with Kassel

When Tina and Vincent just started dating, everyone was sure that this relationship would not last long. But the more time passed, the more people began to believe in the sincerity of their relationship.

By the way, the number of subscribers of our heroes has also increased, many of them never cease to admire this beautiful couple.

In 2018 they got married. The ceremony was held on the shores of the Bay of Biscay. A day after the wedding, the man arranged a surprise for his beloved by performing a serenade for his beloved under her windows.

This year the couple celebrated a paper wedding. Therefore, in honor of this, on August 24, the girl decided to post a couple of pictures from the celebration that no one had seen before. The newlyweds look so happy in these photos!

In April, a girl with the unusual name of Amazoni was born in this beautiful family. They do not show the child on social networks. By the way, this is the third daughter of a French actor. Monica Bellucci gave him two more heirs.

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