This story about a boy and his puppy, who got lost, will remind you to always believe in Christmas miracles

My favorite time of the year is undoubtedly the holiday season. It occurs when you share pleasant, lovely moments and memories with someone you love.

It’s not only about spending time with people; presents are actually not as significant as those priceless moments shared.

An extraordinarily fraternal bond has grown between Carter and his pet dog, and it all began when they first met.

Animals do occasionally go missing, as was the case with Piper over the holiday season.

The kid thought the dog wouldn’t be able to find him after letting the dog out of the home, but that was not the case.

He and his parents kept checking social media sites and providing updates on the kid, but to no avail.

After almost a month had elapsed since that day, they had already given up on ever finding their cherished pet.

That year, they even objected to the Christmas tree’s decoration. Everyone was devastated by the dog’s death.

But a few months later, they unexpectedly heard of a dog that remarkably resembled their own.

Finding him, a guy placed him at the animal center and then walked away. They instantly started bawling when they got a call from there. Actually, it was their dog.

The parents chose to plan a surprise for their son’s return because he wasn’t in town at the time.

The dog, who had been missing his old and beloved companion so much, was also quite happy to see him.

Carter’s response was amazing when he came home and saw his pet there.

He was so overjoyed that he immediately began sobbing, hugging, and kissing the dog nonstop.

Always keep in mind that miracles happen every day. Never give up your faith.

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