Kate Beckinsale Updates from Hospital Bed After Emotional Photos

Kate Beckinsale was in the hospital and her cat Willow came to visit her. She shared a photo on her Instagram Story of her cuddling with Willow in her hospital bed. She was wearing a pink sweater in the photo.

Before this, Kate shared two photos of herself from the hospital on Instagram. She looked sad in the pictures but didn’t say why she was in the hospital, even though she mentioned feeling sick in her post on Monday.

Kate also wished her mom a happy birthday and Mother’s Day in the U.K. She thanked those who support them during tough times and take care of their dogs when they can’t. She mentioned her mom’s joyful spirit and thanked her for being so inspiring.


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In 2019, Kate had a health scare when she had a ruptured ovarian cyst. She posted photos from the hospital then, thanking everyone who took care of her.

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