Rami Malek’s lopsided bow tie annoyed everyone at the Oscars and became a meme

On the night of February 24-25, the results of the 91st Academy Awards ceremony became known. The discussions do not subside, but, undoubtedly, the star of the event was Rami Malek, who received a statuette for the best male role (Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody), fell off the stage, and got into memes, but not at all because of the award or the fall. The reason is his bow tie. She refused to sit up straight and could easily grace the Perfectionist’s Nightmare collection.

Oscar-winning Rami Malek came to the Oscars with a lopsided bow tie.

Of course, this fact could not go unnoticed.

This bow tie gave no rest to anyone.

Even the stars couldn’t pass by.

And the tie defended its right to sit crooked.

Lady Gaga did that especially cute.

Well, look!

And guess how Rami got on stage?

Correctly! With a crooked bow tie!

All efforts were in vain.

Rami Malek also fell off the stage (but everything is fine, nothing threatens his health).

Rami and his bow tie got into memes.

1:0 in favor of the bow tie! And Rami Malek – well-deserved congratulations!

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