A horse that lost her baby adopted a newborn orphan foal! (video)

A very heartbreaking scene.

A newborn orphan foal was adopted by a horse who lost her cub. After losing her cub, the animal was down and discovered a new purpose in life when she encountered a defenseless little foal on a Dutch farm. A vet from the Netherlands saw this heartwarming tale firsthand.

Dr. Patrick Brogan was moved by what he witnessed and even snapped a picture of the story’s protagonists. A picture of a horse tenderly snuggling up to a foal became popular online very quickly.

A pregnant mare by the name of Zindita was about to give birth to a foal soon. When the doctor checked on her pregnancy, everything appeared to be going according to plan.

However, something went awry when it was time to give birth. And the infant perished. Zindita had become silent. She put down her fork and refused to even get up from her seat.

Although Zindita struggled valiantly to save her child, the birth was tough, and the cub perished. She was feeling down. Then Dr. Brogan advised that the staff members of the shelter put her in touch with a young foal who had just lost his mother.

Both of the story’s protagonists were content since the mother instinct had succeeded. “We just put them together, and maternal affection and the desire for maternal warmth took care of the rest. They fell in love and were devoted to one another. The mare Zindita started caring for the foal and developed into a true mother to him, according to the vet.

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