First Images of a Black Canada Lynx Captured

It’s always fun to see wild animals, even if it’s just a squirrel or raccoon in our neighborhood. Sometimes, we get lucky and spot rare creatures, like the Canada Lynx.

These lynxes usually have gray or brown fur, and they’re pretty hard to find. But in 2022, someone managed to snap some pictures of one with black fur, which got everyone talking.

A researcher at the University of Alberta, Canada, recorded the video that went viral. They found the lynx near Whitehorse, a city in the Yukon, hanging out in a residential area.

The lynx was spotted from about 50 meters away, but it got scared when it heard people and a dog nearby. So, it ran off before anyone could get closer.

These lynxes are rare and shy, so it’s a big deal to see one up close. That’s why the video was a bit shaky – it was taken from far away.

It’s amazing to see such a rare animal in action!

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