The family dog was impressed with the party his family prepared for his birthday! (video)

He was simply delighted.

When joyful, the cheerful small puppy wags his tiny tail. Odin, a pet, just experienced a memorable day.

The family who adopted Odin three years ago adores him. Joyce Cetina’s family and the dog reside in Mexico.

Odin is the ideal pet for our family. He is a dependable and upbeat buddy of ours. He enjoys being handled and played with, Joyce told The Dodo.

Odin was getting close to his birthday. The decision was made to surprise him. Cetina was preparing a covert anniversary celebration!

The dog was overjoyed and appreciative that his family had thought to surprise him on his birthday.

A customized cake bearing the dog’s name and waffle bones was purchased by the woman.

Odin was invited in when the cake and the room’s decorations were finished, and he was ecstatic. He first had no idea what was going on before realizing that everything had been planned for him and that he was the most significant person that day.

Of course, the most significant is… The customary “Happy Birthday to you” song is a need for birthdays. Enjoy the video while grinning!

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