A blind basketball player makes a shot in front of 2,500 adoring spectators (video)

Jules Hoogland’s tale will certainly motivate you if you’re seeking for inspiration right now! Jules, a junior basketball player at Zeeland East High School in Michigan, recently achieved something that went viral.

There were 2500 fans there for the season’s last game. Students with and without disabilities crowded the gym to see the Zeeland Unified Sports basketball team play.

Jules is absolutely deafening ‘She’s my eyes on the court because I don’t have my cane side to put my trust in here to make sure she doesn’t let me get hit by balls and guides me in the right direction,’ Jules says.

To attempt a free shot, Jules moved closer to the line. There was utter silence in the gym. Cheryl Beute, a classroom assistant, used a yellow stick to tap the bottom of the backboard to show where the hoop was.

When Julia heard the taps, she threw up her shot and made it! The audience roared in applause. Everyone was thrilled and content! After the shoot, Jules was overtaken with emotion.

“I was like, whoa, I didn’t anticipate that,” she said in an interview. After that, cheers broke out! The crowd was in a frenzy, and her comrades rejoiced as if they had won the title!

Jules is actively striving for independence and has a 4.0-grade point average. Her mother wants her daughter’s fortitude to serve as an example for others. This tale ought to inspire everyone!

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