A cafe located in Lesvos allows stray animals to sleep inside after there are no more customers

Unfortunately, many pet owners are unaware of their complete obligations to their animals while they have them at home.

These helpless creatures, who give their owners all they have and adore them no matter what cannot even fathom leaving them one day.

The problem is that many individuals in Greece give up on their pets after realizing they can no longer care for them.

However, we are also happy that there are establishments like Hott Spott that are always willing to accommodate dogs.

The stray animals are allowed to sleep at the cafe every night so they won’t have to spend the night wandering the streets.

The animals enter the café and sleep there as soon as the bar shuts.

For cold weather comfort, they even provide heated blankets.

The coffeehouse is situated on Lesvos, a former hotbed of radicalism among exiles.

Locals have now become more united in support of humanitarian and environmental causes.

We are very grateful for the amazing places that take unwanted animals in.

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