A caring 2-year-old goes to a dog shelter and chooses a sick, shy pit bull in need of love (video)

Everyone passed by this poor shelter pit bull, but one compassionate little girl knew she was the perfect dog.

Many dogs at shelters have a single goal in mind: to find their everlasting homes. Unfortunately, some dogs may need more time than others. Many dogs are frequently passed over by adopters in favor of younger, nicer puppies, whether it’s because of their breed, age, looks, or health problems.

But occasionally a kind person comes along and gives these pets a place in their heart. This lady was a 2-year-old child who picked out one pit bull in a shelter above all the other canines.

When Audra Spurio brought her daughter to the animal shelter to adopt a dog, she had no idea that the girl would be drawn to a mangy and ill-looking pit bull. But the little child persisted in adopting the dog since he felt that he needed love and care.

More than any other dog at the shelter that day, my daughter wanted to meet her, Audra told The Dodo. She remembers that the dog “stunk like mange,” but the young child insisted, “Mommy, that one.”

“Leave the dog outside. need assistance,” Gigi added.

In response to the girl’s request, Gigi took the pit bull outdoors to play. The youngster was kind and gentle with the dog despite his fear and shyness. The dog’s state would have appalled most youngsters, but Gigi recognized a buddy who needed assistance. The child gave the dog belly rubs and kisses while they were playing outside, and they quickly became close friends.

“I watched this terrified dog melt in G’s hands,” Audra said. My kid was unable to leave her side because of her.

Gigi pleaded with her mother to take the pit bull home so they could take care of her when she returned to her kennel. The young boy, age two, begged the sick dog to return home. Fortunately, the little girl’s desire came true, and today she and her new family call the ailing pit bull they fell in love with Scarlett.

According to Audra, Scarlett is currently at home and feeling much better. She continues to keep G in her sight.

Nearly 14 million people have seen the touching video on YouTube, and many users have said that Gigi’s compassion for animals has given them hope for the future.

Such a kind and thoughtful youngster! We are overjoyed that Scarlett has a beautiful home and has found someone to love and care for her.

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