A cat was thrown out of a van rushing across the bridge, the teenager immediately rushed to help the animal …

The guy only had a few seconds to save the animal!

Someone threw a live cat out of the window of a van speeding across the bridge, but the teenager did not lose his head and immediately rushed to save him. The teenager and his mother were driving at that moment in a car and saw this picture – their shock and surprise knew no bounds.

In their testimony, they explained that a small kitten flew straight out of the side window of a cargo van passing them – the woman could only gasp, but the teenager himself, whose name was Gazin, was not at a loss and immediately began to act.

It was not easy to pick up a discarded cat – it was on a busy, high-speed highway and many cars drove along it at high speed. Yes, and the cat itself was well, in a very disadvantageous position – he practically fell off the bridge, clinging with all his strength to the flyover. The teenager realized that he had little time to save the cat.

As Gavin noted in an interview, the cat was simply thrown out of the window of a van driving past us along the highway and I had only one thought, how to quickly run to him and save him. I just got out of the car and raised my hand, went against the movement of cars – the drivers understood everything perfectly and stopped. Going up to the cat, I saw that the animal was barely holding on and its small body was no longer just hanging in the air.

Animals perfectly feel the attitude towards themselves – after their rescue, the cat simply did not leave the boy a single step. Regarding the driver who did this, he just left the scene, but the police have already started searching for the person who did it. The guy naturally asks the question – of why it was worth doing just that, and not letting the cat out into the field, letting him just leave.

The mother and teenager took the rescued animal to the veterinarians – the doctors examined the cat and issued their verdict that everything was fine with him and the flight itself went almost without consequences for him. The only thing is that the cat slightly damaged her claws, with which she desperately clung to the pavement of the roadway, and pulled a little, bruised her back when falling onto the bridge from the car window. When they paid for the services of veterinarians, one of the boy’s friends on Facebook offered to cover them himself, as he admired his courage and quick reaction.

The teen’s mom, Erin Brown, has noticed the close bond that has developed between the rescued animal and her son, and she’s thrilled that her boy has such a good heart. Therefore, they decided to put the cat on their own and named it Lucky, and this name fully reflects the essence of the situation.

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