A company of raccoons decided to decorate the wedding photo session with their presence. Uninvited guests accompanied a couple of newlyweds throughout the shooting

A beautiful photoshoot of American newlyweds was spoiled by a company of raccoons. But the lovers were not upset by the sudden appearance of the striped guests, because now they have unforgettable shots.

If a company of raccoons appears at a wedding photoshoot, it will definitely be fun.

This couple took a long time to choose a location for their wedding shoot. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Sarah and Zach wanted to take pictures in front of a designer landscaping of exotic plants. The well-groomed territory attracted the happy newlyweds, so they invited the photographer there. But the romantic idyll was broken by a gang of raccoons.

Perfect weather, beautiful young outfits, unusual flora – everything turned out the way Sarah and Zach wanted. It would seem that what can ruin a wedding photoshoot? But the sudden appearance of a family of raccoons in the frame made its own adjustments to the idea of ​​the newlyweds.

A company of raccoons of 5 minke whales was walking through the botanical garden. They did not even suspect that they would become participants in the photoshoot. The surprised newlyweds were delighted when the animals appeared. I wonder if they would also be happy with a family of wild black cats?

Sarah and Zach will never forget this day.

What do wedding shooting heroes say about uninvited guests?

For professional photographer Katherine White, the appearance of raccoons in the frame was a complete surprise. In her 10 years of practice, this is the first time she has encountered such a phenomenon. After the little animals left, everyone relaxed and discussed the event.

Like in Disney cartoons, raccoons created a fabulous atmosphere for the newlyweds.

As Catherine later said, she was very surprised when the raccoons appeared from behind the bushes. At first, she glanced at them warily and even warned the couple to stay away from the beasts. Because wild raccoons are nocturnal and can be aggressive towards others. But as the minke whales approached, everyone calmed down.

Sarah said that the appearance of raccoons is a good omen. Everyone was amused by this incident. Zak thanked the photographer, because she was not at a loss, but immediately began to shoot uninvited guests. “Now we have unique shots that we will show to our children,” the groom shared with subscribers.

Such a meeting only happens once in a lifetime.

Well, it had to happen!

Tender couple. Do you also like the bridal outfit?

Raccoons just added drive for new shots.

Naturally, people liked this photo session very much. Happy newlyweds shared them on the Internet. Photos are gaining popularity. Can anyone remain indifferent to the unique dress of the bride, the loving look of the groom, and the raccoons in the background? How would you be happy with such a chance meeting? Then urgently go to the botanical garden. Just don’t forget to take your camera.

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