A deaf man adopted a deaf rescue puppy, friends in distress! (video)

Born deaf, Nick Abbott is a native of Maine. He had to learn to live with his physical impairment ever since he was a little child. Despite his deafness, he had always wanted to acquire a puppy. He believed that he wouldn’t be able to take good care of the animal. But he understood fate was providing him the opportunity to own a pet when he came across a Facebook post about a deaf dog one day.

 “Like me, he is deaf. Nick told WABI-TV, “I can only imagine how tough it must be for him to live in a society where there are so many sounds, melodies, and pieces of music that we have never heard and will never be able to hear.

The black Labrador mix was transferred to the North Florida Rescue Service in Maine after he was rescued at a very young age. Emerson was hospitalized after experiencing seizures. He spent some time at the animal hospital before making a full recovery. To boost Emerson’s chances of being adopted, rescuers put pictures of the puppy online along with some basic information. 



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“The deaf dog Emerson has experienced a lot in his life. He is seeking his forever family. He merited it! NF Rescue of Maine’s Lindsey Powers posted on Facebook. 

Nick kept thinking about these phrases. To meet the dog was his choice. The blind dog instantly captured Nick’s heart. They would get along well, he realized. 

Nick took the puppy in right away.Visual cues and indicators helped them learn how to communicate. A unique friendship developed between them. 

“We were meant to meet, I know that. He is unique in that he instantly gets me. Since then, I don’t feel as lonely,” Nick told WABI-TV. 

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