A Doberman dog adopts a tiny abandoned kitten and cares for it along with his puppies

She loves her new puppy brother or sisters so much.

The adorable tale of a dog feeding a newborn cat alongside its puppies recently went viral online. Everyone’s heart has been won over by this touching tale, which even managed to soften the hearts of stone. It demonstrates how universal a mother’s love is and how it affects all animals.

Ruby, a Doberman Pinscher, resides in the upstate New York town of Geneseo with her owner Brittany Callan. She took up and fostered an abandoned cat just one week after giving birth to a litter of six puppies.

Callan discovered the kitten in the grass and gave it the name Ramblin’ Rose. Ruby, who had recently given birth, sprang to mind when she spotted the lost cat. She took the little blind infant home, thinking that when Ruby saw the defenseless kitten, her mother instincts would surface. Thankfully, it succeeded. As if Rose were her mother, Ruby licked her.

She was raised around little animals, and she picked up kindness, the ability to lick them, and general friendliness. She is a dog with a lot of sympathy.

Ruby and her puppies are now living with Ruby and Rose. She adores her brand-new puppy sibling or siblings dearly. The kitten is also beloved by Ruby and her puppies. Ruby even carries him in her mouth around the house. As a little family, they cuddle up and sleep together at night.

When the pups are 10 weeks old, they will move into their new home. When Ramblin’ Rose reaches adult size, Callan’s cousin Gibbs will take her home.

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