A dog on a leash with a prayer looked at the people passing by (photos)

The man accidentally noticed a dog that was chained near an abandoned house. The owners of this house have moved and thus decided to get rid of the unwanted dog.

Passing by a house in his neighborhood, a resident of Detroit, USA, noticed a dog that was left chained to a chain. It turns out that the old owners of the house have moved and decided to get rid of the dog in such an irresponsible way – by simply throwing it on chains outside the house.

The man immediately contacted the Rebel Dogs Detroit rescue center, whose employees responded to a request for help. When they came to save the dog, they could not look at him without pity. The modest poor fellow peeked out from behind the garage and was afraid to approach people.

But when the rescuers approached him, he seemed to understand that these people would not offend him. He began to wag his tail and whine happily – he could not believe that he was noticed and helped. Volunteers released the dog from the chain and took him to the veterinary center for examination.

Veterinarians found that the dog was very emaciated – he spent many days on a leash alone, without food and water. The chain left wounds on his neck, which immediately began to heal. But despite this, the dog was very grateful to people.

The dog was given the name Beaker. After examinations, he was given to volunteers for overexposure, and now he is actively recovering. Soon a permanent owner will be found for this friendly boy. Be happy Beaker!

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