A dog stranded on a highway gives its rescuer the biggest hug after she saves him

He fell asleep in my hands and that’s when I started crying.

After a day of back-to-school shopping, Evie and Leslie Benson were on their way home when they spotted traffic swerving around a little, brown object in the distance. They soon came across him: a dog petrified with terror in the path of an approaching 18-wheeler truck.

Evie Benson told The Dodo, “We closed our eyes, scared that we were going to see this dog get hit by a car.” Fortunately, the dog quickly backed up and moved out of the way.

Because she had seen such a near call, Benson was aware of what she needed to accomplish. As I sprang out of the speeding automobile, “my fight or flight mechanism kicked in,” Benson claimed. The appreciative puppy was soon in their back seat, secure. The dog’s tail never ceased wagging even though he was filthy and extremely underweight.

“I was heartbroken just thinking about what this dog has been through and how scared and alone he felt,” said Benson. “The automobile travel went smoothly. He finally slept off in my arms, and I broke down in tears. I wanted him to feel that he was at last secure.

The dog was swiftly accepted after being delivered to the Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. Benson went back the next day to see how he was doing. The dog rushed into her arms as soon as she arrived, which surprised her because she wasn’t sure if he would recognize her.

“We sat with him in the room, and that’s when the emotions hit,” Benson said. “My mother and I both began to cry… He curled up on my lap when I joined him on the floor, and he seemed happy to do so.

He even laid on top of me and hugged me. The dog was soon given the ideal name by Benson, who began calling him Wags since he was never without a tail wag. Benson is still in disbelief that so many motorists noticed Wags and failed to stop and assist him, but she is ecstatic that he is now receiving the care he requires. She can’t adopt him since she’s off to college in the autumn, but she has faith that Wags will soon find a family.

Benson remarked, “It kills my heart because I can’t adopt him. The SPCA has received several calls and letters asking how Wags is doing. He will have no problem finding a home, I’m sure of it.

Wags will undoubtedly always remember her, and Benson is confident that she will never forget the small dog on the road.

We developed a lifetime bond, and Benson declared, “I love him so much.” I’m happy I could help him and get in touch with him.

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