A dog with an unusual appearance scared passers-by while sitting on a fence (photos)

Not so long ago, a photo of this dog became popular on the network and gained thousands of likes. The thing is that she constantly frightens people passing by with her appearance, looking out from behind the fence.

A photo of this dog recently appeared on Twitter and has collected thousands of likes. She was accidentally noticed by a passerby who was walking through the area in the United States. At that moment, the dog was sitting on the fence and looking straight at him – and because of her unusual appearance, it looked a little intimidating.

“I’ve never been so afraid of a dog,” the author of the photo, @thegallowboob, tweeted. According to him, the dog continued to look at him, and he decided to leave as soon as possible, having managed to photograph her before that. Then, through social networks, the owners of the dog were also found.

It turned out her name was Junebug. This dog lives happily with loving owners, and really has an unusual appearance – her eyes are of different colors, and the color of her muzzle is black and white. But in fact, Junebug is charm itself, and he won’t hurt a fly in life.

The owner of the dog, Tim, said that his pet is a very cute creature. “This is the most charming and kind dog you can find. She loves people, and everyone who meets her also falls in love from the moment they meet,” says the owner.

Creepy memes have already been made with the dog:

It turns out that Junebug really likes to watch what is happening near the house from behind the fence. The owners keep her for a while so that she looks at the area. At one of these moments, a passer-by caught the dog. That’s how she became a star!

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