A dog with an unusual grin scares and makes everyone around laugh (photos)

Many people compare this dog to a werewolf, others joke that it’s just her Halloween costume. And her owners know that appearances are deceiving – and although someone is frightened by looking at her, she is charm itself!

A dog named Darla lives in the USA with loving owners. She has one feature – she has a funny smirk. To some, it will seem frightening, but in fact, this dog is tender itself.

The owners say that Darla does not always have such a face. She makes such an expression on her face to ask her to throw her favorite toy. She loves to play so much that it has already become a tradition.

Darla was found roaming the streets of Texas after Hurricane Harvey and ended up in a shelter. And the current owners fell in love with her and her unusual features at first sight and decided to take her forever.

The weight of the dog is less than two kilograms, so you should not be afraid of it. “Darla is very humble when she meets someone new. She is a charming little lady and also very playful,” says the owner. Here is such a cutie!

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