A father and son in Vietnam hid in the forest for 40 years

A father and son were discovered in the Vietnamese forest after living in the wild for forty years, far from civilization. They were discovered by chance by the residents of a community not distant from these locations. Having learned about the unusual “find”, the local authorities equipped a special detachment to search for the wild inhabitants of the forests.

The father and son hid in the dense jungle during the war forty years ago. All this time they had no connection with civilization.

The members of the special squad were forced to overcome forty kilometers in the impenetrable jungle, after which they saw a hut located on a tree. An elderly father and his son lived in it. The 82-year-old man was very weak and could not walk on his own. Rescuers carried him on a stretcher.

In 1971, a Vietnamese man named Ho Van Thanh hid in the jungle to escape the bombardment of his hometown. During the war, his wife and two sons died, and the house was completely destroyed. Ho Van was able to save his youngest one-year-old son and run away with him into the forest, where he built a wooden hut on a tree next to him a stream with his own hands.

All these years, father and son ate mainly greens and vegetables that they found in the forests. Near the house, they grew sugar cane and tobacco. They had a hearth in a small wooden house. Men used homemade tools in the household – axes, knives, a hoe, and arrows for hunting.

Ho Van Than can still speak one of the local dialects, but his son only knows a few words. The authorities plan to provide the cat with medical care and then return them to normal civilized life.

The fact that they were in the forest was known to Ho Van Tri – another son of Than, born on the day of the bombing. He tracked down his father and brother twenty years after the war, but he was never able to persuade them to leave the forest and resume a regular life. The guy visited his family frequently, giving them clothes, culinary utensils, oil, and salt, but the hermits didn’t utilize any of it. If Ho Van Tri did not arrive alone, father and son would instantly flee.

This time, they consented to accept public assistance because the old man’s health required medical attention. He and his son are now under the care of physicians.

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