A fox cub and a dog became best friends! Take a look at their photos… (video)

Who would have thought that a dog and a fox could become friends? It is widely assumed that these animals do not get along, but this story proves otherwise. 

The protagonists of today’s story are Moose, an Australian Shepherd mix, and Juniper, a fox cub. Surprisingly, the two became best friends. Jessica Cocker, the fox’s former owner, rescued her from the farm when she was only 5 weeks old. 

Fortunately, she was adopted by a loving and caring family. When Moose visited their family, it became clear that they had some sort of connection. They became fast friends and became inseparable.

The Cocker family included other animals, but these two were destined to be together. They shared everything: food, sleep, and recreation. Juniper found solace in her companion. 

Despite their disparate animal personalities, they got along well. The little fox was determined and obstinate, while the dog was submissive and kind. 

You can watch a video of this unusual friendship down below!


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