“A great body and a fresh face at 54,” says Julia Roberts, who appears considerably younger than many youthful superstars

Julia Roberts, the acclaimed actress, has always believed in authenticity. She practically did not use cosmetics, and if she did, it was not often. Her makeup is always restrained in tones and accuracy. And in her daily life without outfits, the star looks just as great. And if not, will it greatly affect her style?

Recently, the paparazzi caught Julia during a walk. These pictures went around the Internet, in which the actress is complete without makeup, with a tousled hairdo. But at the same time, the celebrity looks very natural and fresh despite her age. Appearance 54-year-old Roberts can envy everyone.

Loyal fans unanimously noted that many actresses need to follow the example of Julia in order to look just as stunning even without makeup at the same age. So many young celebrities spoil their skin with constant makeup, while Roberts managed to keep all the natural beauty.

The actress treats her form as strictly as her face. The mother of three appears slender because she lives a healthy lifestyle, eats well, and works out with a personal trainer.

Envious people will surely say that all her beauty is the merit of the material security of the actress. But why don’t many other celebrities, with enough money, come close to looking like Julia?

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