A guy rescues animals that have been abandoned by their owners owing to old age or disease and finds them a home

Steve Great is deserving of the label since he is a man with a huge heart. He dedicated his life to assisting our younger brothers. For numerous years, this volunteer has been scooping up and nursing animals, and he also takes in those who have been abandoned due to age. Steve is the owner of ten dogs, one pig, two ducks, pigeons, and cats.

Steve’s journey started with a tragedy: the man’s beloved dog died, and he ended himself in an animal shelter. The man attracted attention to the elderly dog, who sat with a hopeless figure. The owners deceived him, deciding that he was too old, and others refused to accept him because of his age.

Steve couldn’t help himself and brought Grandpa to him. He determined that the dog, who had dedicated his entire life to mankind, deserved a lovely old age, a warm house, a nice featherbed, delectable food, and affection! So the accountant-altruist obtained a 12-year-old Chihuahua.

“I took him home – a dog with heart murmurs and aching joints who was no longer required.” And it turns out it was only the beginning.”

From that day forward, the guy reflected on how many of these old individuals no one needed. Then he converted his home into a sanctuary for stray animals. In addition to canines, he sluggishly brought himself a pig named Bikini and a dove named Ellie, a chicken, a turkey, and bunnies.

The man also secured a home for numerous disabled dogs.

Steve’s day begins at 5 a.m. when everyone must be fed special food because all critters require specific attention. All pets are already old; they are not mischievous, do not engage in energetic games, and prefer to sleep.

Steve walks all of the pets every day. He transports the elderly on a customized wheelbarrow.

Every creature in this home will grow old in love and care. Steve’s deed motivates people to help animals. The true Human!

Steve Greig believes that by setting a good example, people may be inspired to adopt an old pet.

“Please think about adopting an older pet.” He is in severe need of care and affection, and he will repay you tenfold.

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