A guy with special needs rushed to the rescue and saved drowning girls

There is such a stereotype that if a child was born not like everyone else, then he will never be strong, healthy, and successful.

And this guy named Valerio completely destroys it.

The boy was born with Down syndrome. But he never heard his parents’ phrases like: “You are sick …”, “You are not like everyone else …”, “You will not succeed …”

They did not focus on their son’s illness but did everything to ensure that he developed no worse than other healthy children.

When the boy was 3 years old, he was sent to swimming, and it turned out that this sport was easy for him. He was able to achieve many successes and was even a participant in the Olympics.

But all his sporting achievements fell by the wayside after he committed a very noble deed.

Somehow the whole family went on vacation to the sea. There was nothing unusual that day, the sea was calm. But at some point, it became very stormy, and during such phenomena, reverse currents often occur, especially when the waves rise.

Suddenly Valerio heard cries for help. When he looked at the sea, he saw a terrible picture: two girls were floundering in the water, and high waves did not allow them to swim to the shore and carried them farther and farther away.

Valerio and his father, without a second’s hesitation, rushed into the raging sea. Thanks to his skills, he was able to swim out of the whirlpool and pulled the girl out. At the same time, he was able to keep her head above the water so that she would not choke.

The father managed to save the second girl. These two unfortunate bathers were only 10 years old.

If not for the courage and skills of Valerio, the little ones could drown.

Such a noble act has become a real example for other children with such a diagnosis and their parents. Valerio was presented with an award for courage from the Minister of Sports of Italy.

But the biggest reward for the guy was that the girls survived!

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