A homeless cat fell into a trap, but thanks to kind people he became a pet again

A cat named Frisbee has lived all his life on the street. He is a vagabond and this is strongly reflected in his appearance. If it were necessary to film the novel by Stephen King “Pet Cemetery” again, then this cat would definitely be taken. After all, Frisbee would not need to make up.

The cat was caught as part of an animal trapping program. But his task was not to destroy stray cats but to help. Tramps were caught, marked, and then returned to normal life. Frisbee is luckier.

The animal’s fur was dirty and in spools. His teeth are already starting to rot. The animal was thin and very hungry. But at the same time, the cat was friendly.

Animal Welfare Center staff decided to return the animal to its normal appearance. They brushed his teeth, cut off the spools. The Frisbee was also cleaned of dirt. In just one day, the cat has changed beyond recognition.

After that, photos of the animal were published on social networks. He decided to find the owners.

Just a week later, a family was found ready to take Frisbee to their place. Now the cat is surrounded by love and care. The fact that he was a wanderer is reminiscent of only old photographs.

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