A homeless dog among the garbage extends a paw to strangers in the hope of receiving assistance

Dogs, like humans, have distinct personalities and destinies. Bertha was a lady of nobility. A bunch of ancient brethren was taken in by a huge, shaggy mongrel. When they got to the volunteer’s house on time, Berta permitted them to eat first. Our editors relate the story of a gold-digging dog.

The winter was unusual, with stinging frosts followed by thaws and freezing rain flogging bystanders. Berta, a half-breed sheepdog with silky, curling hair and a fluffy tail, welcomed her benefactor at the door every evening. In their micro-district, stray animals were not accepted. Food waste was seen to be more ethical than feeding stray dogs.

Bertha was appreciative and, despite her intimidating look, affectionate. When she noticed a girl, she raced over to “hug her.” She was expecting extended tenderness. The volunteer’s intention was to gradually attach the entire dog company, but the shelter only had a few spots available, and they were regularly filled. The only thing the girl could do was feed and care for Bertha. Despite their excitement at the encounter, the elderly men, wise from a dog’s hard existence, did not approach.

Berta’s presence was announced to the girl with a loud bark one morning, and everything changed. Her heart sunk as she stepped outdoors with a piece of candy in her hand. The dog seems dissatisfied. She was knee-deep in a cold pool, her wet fur caked with snowballs and ice.

The girl realized she couldn’t leave the dog out on the street much longer. She desperately tried to find a means to persuade Berta to enter the entry from which she was typically driven away. The volunteer was without the required collar and had no clue how to convince a thirty-kilogram dog to follow her.

Bertha put her worries aside and looked intently at her benefactor as if expecting to be invited to visit. By just pointing to it, the mongrel sneaked inside and sat on the mat at the door of the designated flat. Berta worked hard to please the girl’s mother, and she nailed the basic trick “Give me a paw.” As a reward, the dog craved attention, shutting his eyes in delight when his ears were massaged.

Bertha had grown bored of the caress and warmth and didn’t even reach for the bowls this time. She was cleaned up and permitted to sit on a plaid-covered couch. The tired and happy dog slept off while holding his first toy.

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