A homeless dog was hired to work in a car dealership, and the owners of the enterprise did not fail!

One of the Hyundai dealerships in one of the Brazilian states had a dog. An ordinary flea bug roamed the street back and forth, not particularly, however, moving away from the gates of the establishment.

But one day, in a heavy downpour, the workers took pity on the dog and let him inside the car dealership.

Since that moment, the life of the enterprise has changed radically.

Firstly, Tucson Prime (as the dog was called) turned out to be unusually contact and friendly – which dramatically increased sales, as Tucson touchingly looked into the faces of potential buyers, waving his tail in every possible way to emphasize the correct choice of car in this salon.

That allowed the salon workers to first simply attach a badge with a name to the dog’s collar, and then enter the position there – “sales officer”!

Customers who are under the stress of having to make such a responsible purchase. Like a car, they relaxed, what is called “thawed out” and more willingly parted with a lot of money.

Naturally, in the office of the enterprise, Tucson Prime also got his own corner, in which he feels like a real clerk-manager.

As well as personal bowls for food and water and a whole list of employees who now walk their “colleague” in any weather.

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