A homeless kitten found in the trash can is unique

One day, an American woman named Holly, while throwing out the trash, heard some kind of squeak coming from the trash can. It turned out that there lies a small kitten. The girl carefully took the baby out of the mud.

The tiny animal was in very poor condition: one leg was broken, and the rest were infected. The girl took the baby to the vet. Unfortunately, one paw could not be saved. The kitten had to take its first steps on three legs.

Several months have passed. The foundling has matured and recovered. Holly noticed that the kitten had an adorable tri-color coloration. This greatly surprised the girl. After all, this color is typical for cats, and Holly had a cat.

The girl decided to take her pet to the doctor again. It turned out that boys can also have a similar color.

From the point of view of genetics, a tricolor cat is a rarity. The veterinarian said that the boy is the result of a rare gene mutation. Such unique babies are born one in three thousand. But there was also bad news.

Unfortunately, such pussies are mostly sterile. This message made Holly very upset. She wanted her pet to have the same pretty kids.

For herself, the girl decided that she would never part with the foundling and would be his best friend. Holly says that the baby has an affectionate and playful character.

I would like to hope that the doctors were mistaken and this beautiful cat will still have offspring.

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