A homeless man saves a discarded dog, and she changes his life

This inspirational story took place in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are homeless individuals here, as there are anywhere, and among them is a mature guy named Ron. He used to have a family and a career, but he lost both and now lives near a gas station. Ron was always hunting for work; he even scrawled on a piece of cardboard that he was willing to work for anything. But there was no outcome. 

Angel Janes, a lady, drove into a gas station once. She couldn’t provide him with a job, but she did give him some food money. She then helped Ron twice more with a small amount. 

And time, a woman observed him carefully wrapping something in an old holey blanket and said, “What is this?” According to the man, a car passed by just a few hours earlier, and a tiny puppy was tossed out the window while driving! She was almost struck by a vehicle!

 Ron moved the dog out of the path swiftly. It was a little chihuahua. The morning was frigid, and the dog was shivering all over, so he wrapped her in a blanket and is now gathering small items and purchasing food for her. 

The man, optimistically, asked Angel if he wanted to keep the dog. After all, she can’t survive the winter on the streets. Homeless added:

 “I don’t need anything; just find her a home!” 

Because of the nature of her job, a woman is rarely at home and so cannot maintain pets. But she requested Ron to watch the puppy for a day while she looked for someone to take her.

By phone, Angel contacted the animal rights activists, and after a few hours, they took the dog to the shelter and showed the veterinarian – in addition to a bruise from the fall, the dog was completely healthy. He began to look for a family.

And Ron was given $50 as a reward. Moreover, Angel shared the story on Facebook, and people started offering money for Ron. A certain amount was collected, and the woman gave it to the homeless.

He did not spend money on stupid things but bought a phone with an Internet connection and two days later he found himself a permanent job, and even with accommodation! Ron’s life went up!

And the dog was quickly taken from the shelter by the Chesty Guyer family for their daughter, who had long dreamed of a little dog. Now the chihuahua rescued by the homeless is doing well, she was named Lucky Loya (Happy Loya), and she is loved and protected.

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