A impoverished Chinese guy made a bamboo movable house

Despite being one of the world’s top economies, China’s whole populace struggles to make ends meet. The Chinese impoverished are then helped through resourcefulness and ability. They were the ones that permitted the new hero of feiky.net to live on his own. Make it unique!

 Liu Lingchao is a Chinese resident who just lost his job. He could no longer afford to pay his rent. Mr. Linchao lacked friends and family who were willing to shelter him till things improved. 

Then he proceeded to build his own movable house out of bamboo and construction debris discovered on city streets. A house shaped like a snail shell appears dubious. However, it permits Liu to wait out the rains and chilly days in peace. 

Although the proportions of Liu’s “shell” are extremely vast, the bamboo frame allows it to be easily lifted and carried without the use of any extra equipment. The man like it since he is no longer confined to one location. 

On that day, he learned to run up to 10 kilometers, which will help him get to work. The guy imagines that one day he will be able to settle someplace for an extended period of time, after which his talents as a builder will be obsolete. But for the time being, he travels across the Chinese countryside, earning more money to keep going.

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