What abilities have been passed down to me from my forefathers?

A person born from his father and mother becomes a member of a vast system – the type of his forefathers. At the same time, he acquires some attributes and skills from them that will aid him in life. At the same time, a person receives certain chores and lessons that are passed down via his family and that he must also go through.

We welcome you to do our fortune-telling test to discover what skills were passed down to you from your ancestors, as well as what karmic lessons they passed down to you. Choose one of the trees in the photo from the genus!


You have the ability to move through life easily, seize opportunities, and not get stuck on old grudges because you are of your kind. You are a very positive individual who is continuously looking for new opportunities. And your ancestors are always there to aid you along the road. You have access to all roads. You tumble and rise again, successfully interpreting the circumstance. However, the karmic debt of your ancestors was also handed on to you via birth. You are frequently forced to choose between conscience and honor, money and love. This implies that one of your ancestors may have committed heinous actions, betrayed others, or exchanged their souls for money. And now it’s up to you not to make the same mistakes they did. Consider all aspects of the situation before making a decision in favor of the material.


Your ancestors bestowed upon you the capacity to reincarnate from any unfavorable scenario and cure yourself. You are the type of person who can find a way out of difficult situations without much effort. You go through life with ease and are shielded by greater forces. Do not be scared of jealous individuals or adversaries; they are incapable of causing major harm to you since you are protected by a great force. In life, all roads are open to you; you can make any decision, and luck will always be with you. You have also been blessed with good fortune in love and relationships as a result of your birth. You are incredibly appealing to many people, therefore you will always have a choice of partners. In no way should you be fearful of your competition. You have the ability to win and protect yourself.


You come from a long line of ancestors, particularly on your father’s side. Perhaps there were highly affluent individuals gifted with authority and influence in your father’s family. They were the ones that brought you their good fortune in employment and money. You understand how to make, save, and spend money sensibly. You are quite fortunate in your profession and career. But it’s not just your ancestors’ merit; it’s also your natural sense of duty and sensitivity. You know how to finish what you start, and how to execute the task diligently. You’ll always have enough money to do nothing. Don’t be frightened to start your own business; it will be a success. If you wish to change occupations or interests, don’t be scared to try anything new. Your forefathers constantly drive you to higher incomes and situations unconsciously. Make an effort to listen to them on time.

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