“19th Century Optical Illusion”: Spot the old woman in the portrait of the girl

A thrilling and challenging illusion for you to solve

Welcome to our optical illusion challenge!

Your goal is to test your vision and observational skills by finding what is hidden in plain sight. Today, we have a thrilling and challenging illusion for you to solve.

Optical Illusion Challenge: Spot the old woman in 6 seconds

To make things interesting, we will give you 7 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Keep in mind that your perspective is critical to finding the hidden image. Look closely at the ribbon around the girl’s neck, it may not be what you think it is. It might be a smile!

If you were successful in finding the old woman within the given time, congratulations! Scroll down to see the solution and check if you were correct.

Optical Illusion Solution

Here is where the face of the old woman was hiding in the picture:

We hope you enjoyed this challenge and had fun training your observational skills!

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