“Optical Illusion Brain Teaser”: Spot two rats hiding from the lion in the jungle picture

Only 1 out of 10 people can successfully pass this test!

Prepare yourself for a challenging optical illusion puzzle. The image below shows a lion in the jungle, roaring ferociously. Two rats have snuck into the lion’s den and are now hiding in fear. Your task is to find both rats within 12 seconds. This is one of the toughest optical illusions we have encountered, and only one out of nine people are able to solve it. However, we will provide you with a hint to help you out: the rats can be found on the lion.

Take a good look at the picture below and find the rats. Good luck! 

You can scroll down to see the answer in the picture below. But try to find them yourself!

Brain Teaser Challenge: Answer!

Were you able to spot both rats in the given time? If not, don’t worry. Many find this puzzle difficult. But for those who were successful, congratulations! The rats were indeed hiding on the lion, making them quite challenging to see.

Hope you enjoyed this brain teaser!

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