The dog had been waiting for that day for so long and now just can’t be more grateful

He just wanted to be hugged and loved.

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. Finally, he was about to leave the refuge.

He felt very blessed to have been saved. He was in complete pleasure, living the life he had always imagined.

Leah Domingo was heading to a shelter a few days ago to rescue a bulldog named Petey.

When she arrived, though, the executive director of the shelter asked her if she would also want to save Penny, a cute corgi puppy who was just a year old.

Everyone was happy when she agreed right away. She went to greet Penny after she arrived at the shelter.

She then drove home with both dogs in the vehicle.

After some time, though, Petey’s family got in touch with the shelter and asked to take their dog; as a result, they had to give him back.

She took both dogs back to the shelter the following day, but she was confident she would return for Penny, so she reassured him in his ear that she would be back the following day.

The other dog was still left alone after Petey’s family arrived to pick him up, so as she had promised, she came back the very following day to take her home.

The tiny puppy was so thrilled when Domingo approached him that he was unable to contain his joy.

He didn’t require anything other than to be embraced and loved.

Even while they were in the car, he yearned for a hug from his mother as if to show her the depth of his love and thanks.

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