The super tiny puppy fell in love with her daddy and melts everyone’s heart when starts giving warm hugs to him

Even though Annabelle was only three weeks old, she obviously knew she belonged with her father, whom she adored.

Everyone is amazed by the connection between them since it is so mysterious.

It started the minute they first met each other.

When Annabelle’s current owners first spotted her, they were not even planning to acquire a dog because her mother had just given birth to 12 puppies.

At first glance, there was love. Dad and his younger daughter both fell in love with Annabelle, and one of Annabelle’s brothers, Norman.

They made the decision to adopt both of them and provide them with a stable environment. They were still fairly close together.

When Annabelle had to go to the vet one day, Norman stayed by the window the entire time and didn’t get up until she got home.

When he, at last, saw his sister, he was overcome with joy.

Because everything underneath the pool deck is muddy and they enjoy getting dirty, Annabelle and Norman enjoy playing there.

Dad doesn’t like it, yet they still do it. Even when the door is locked, the dogs always manage to come inside.

However, they always play with such zest that when dad sees their joyful smiles, he is unable to become upset and instead begins to giggle.

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