A kitten with crooked paws looked at passers-by with hope (video)

This baby was spotted on the sidewalk all alone. The kitten had deformed paws and a sad look – so kind people could not pass by this crumb.

This gray kitten was spotted on the streets of North Carolina, USA. The cat with special crooked paws was hungry and emaciated and looked at the passers-by with hope. One woman could not get past him and decided to help.

She took the kitten to Murphy’s Law Rescue Center where it was taken care of. Doctors found out that the deformation of the kitten’s paws is congenital – massages and physiotherapy could help with this. It turned out to be a girl named Cecelia.

Since that day, the kitten was given for overexposure, and they began to actively restore her paws. The Cecilias received daily massages, special exercises, and physiotherapy. Over time, her paws began to strengthen.

Cecilia was very grateful to be so taken care of. Soon she gained weight, became much more cheerful and active. She turned out to be a real fighter and boldly endured all the procedures in order to recover faster.

After a couple of weeks, the baby was already able to step on her hind legs normally – it was giant progress. Her balance also improved – she no longer limped so much when walking.

Now Cecilia continues to do massages and gymnastics, and she will need it throughout her life – but the guardian is sure that this crumb has a great future! After all, despite all the difficulties, she is a very sweet, gentle, kind creature.

We wish Cecilia to find the best home and loving owners when she is ready for a new stage in her life. Be happy baby!

Cecilia before and after

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