A large pit bull who was raised around cats acts and thinks like a cat!

Percy, a little cat, has a happy friend named Willow, a large pit bull. Willow mimics everything Percy does, including their joint window-gazing, house-climbing, cuddling, and TV-watching sessions. 

Willow believes she and Percy share a species. Willow is unaware that Percy is a cat and that she is a dog! Amazing friendship! According to Willow and Percy’s mother, The Dodo. The hostess was initially concerned about the weird “cat” behavior, but she eventually accepted it after discovering that they were just close friends having fun.

In 2020, Willow adopted the dog, who was then around 9 weeks old. Percy, Klaus, the family’s cat, and Spike, a 9-year-old chihuahua, were all existing pets. At that point, Willow started making his initial attempts to mimic the actions of other animals. 

“Willow picked up how her small companions would stand up on the back of the couch and jump from there. Can you see a large pit bull jumping from the couch’s back while standing atop it? “Ha ha ha!” stated Jaramillo. 

Willow, who truly is a child at heart, is attempting to understand the humor of his companions. The dog acts and thinks like a cat and considers himself a cat. There is no reason to interfere with Willow’s happiness. Size, species, and breed are irrelevant when it comes to companionship!

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