A long-liver from English Kent celebrated her 100th birthday in the circle of her huge family: 92 grandchildren did not let grandma get bored on her holiday

More recently, namely at the beginning of June, 100-year-old long-liver Rose Sharp celebrated her anniversary. She comes from a beautiful English county called Kent.

I would like to note that Rose Sharp can be proud of not only her magnificent age but also her huge and friendly family. Since Rose has 8 children, and it is impossible to believe it, she has 92 grandchildren. And to her great happiness, she celebrated her 100th birthday with the whole family. Everyone decided to come and please their beloved granny.

Also, an interesting fact is that Rose Sharp is also from a large family. There were 3 girls with her and 4 boys. But of the whole family, unfortunately, only Rose is now alive.

When Rose Sharp was 19, she met her future husband in the company of friends. Soon, they fell in love with each other and decided to get married. With her husband they always lived in perfect harmony and lived together for 35 years. They raised their eight children to their feet. They had six sons and two daughters.

The oldest child was Carol’s daughter Jasper. She is currently 77 years old. She is also the owner of a happy and large family. Carol gave birth to 5 children. And now, already, one of her daughters has seven children of her own. Also, the family was continued by two more daughters of Carol – Sophie and Danny. And quite recently, a replenishment appeared in the family, this is the sixth female generation in the family.

Rose Sharp was overjoyed to see her whole family. Since, due to quarantine, she did not see her grandchildren for a long time, who had already managed to grow up well. The good news is that now the world does not stand still and you can see your loved ones without being near them. Therefore, the grandchildren taught the granny how to use a smartphone and various applications so that you can call up via video link. But, due to age, Rose did not always manage to do this.

Although, despite such a respectful age, Rose Sharp remembers all her children, grandchildren, and the rest of the family by name. On her birthday, Rose saw her great-great-granddaughter for the first time, which she was very happy about. As well as attention and care from loved ones. On her 100th birthday, Rose Sharp was pleased with another important event. She was delivered a telegram from Queen Elizabeth II herself with her best wishes.

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