A man has been friends with a polar bear for the last 23 years. They even go swimming with each other! (video)

Marc Dumas, 67, maybe the only man on the planet who can swim alongside a polar bear. The fearless bear tamer from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, often swims with his pet polar bear Agee.

Agee, a 23-year-old polar bear, is not only Mark’s friend but also his wife, Dawn. Bear adores kissing and cuddling Mark as well as playing with him.

The pair prepares the 362-pound Agee for big-budget movies and commercials. She made her cinematic debut in Alaska in 1995, when she was just a few weeks old.

“Agee has spent her entire life with me “Mark elaborates. – She is always present. I intend to be with her for the rest of her or my life. It just occurred that way.

She is 23 years old. In captivity, they can live for 30 to 35 years.”

Mark argues that it was not just Agee’s lack of fear of polar bears that enabled him to nurture her throughout the years, but also their bond.

Agee has a wonderful life. She does not have to hunt; all of her food is delivered to her, and it is of the best quality. She has no need to scale ice floes or hunt prey.

Of course, Agee had to break the practice of biting in his childhood.

“She bit me when I was a kid, but that’s to be expected,” Mark explains. – In order to wean an animal off something, it must first begin doing it.

Bear cubs bite – that’s how they’re set up. They must be weaned off this. Human newborns, on the other hand, must be educated not to bite.”

Mark has been teaching bears for over 40 years and is quite familiar with their habits. He can tell when Agee is depressed by her postures and facial gestures.

“She only recognizes my wife and me out of everyone on the earth,” he claims. Agee is our commander, and we are his subordinates.

Their friendship is depicted in the video as follows:

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