A man heard a cat crying near the parking lot

A man named Dan Yavetz from Silver Spring, USA, went to a bank in the city center, and on the way to the bank building he heard a plaintive meow. It was coming from under the cars in the parking lot, and the man immediately decided to check who was making this sound.

He looked under the cars and saw a kitty who was very friendly. Surprisingly, the baby got out under the car and ran towards the man, and began to purr next to him. She seemed to be asking to be rescued from the street.

There was a pet store nearby, and the man asked if they had lost a cat. They said “No”, and then the man took his new friend to the vet. Doctors determined that the cat did not have a tracking chip and suggested that some time ago she was simply abandoned on the street.

After that, the man decided to take the cat home. He already has a cat, so she became his new girlfriend. The baby was named Lily, and now she is getting used to the house, exploring every corner, and of course, she is very grateful to the new owners!

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