“A man of many contradictions!”: Three celebrities that Elvis Presley could not stand

Presley will always remain a legendary figure in the music industry!

Elvis Presley was a man of many contradictions. And this was true about both his personal and professional lives. He was a music icon who revolutionized pop music industry.

The artist was devoted and protective towards those he loved. However, he was short-tempered towards people he couldn’s stand.

He was noticed in public feuds with celebrities several times. The main reasons varied from political views to the slightest jealousy.

And here are three celebrities that Elvis could not stand!

John Lennon

Elvis and John were the two main music icons during the Vietnam War period. They had similar career paths and reached fame equally. However, their views about the war differed greatly. Lennon was against the. Actually, he was against any kind of war. Meanwhile Elvis supported it and was a great supporter of Lyndon Johnson.

The two popular artists met each other ar Graceland, in 1965. Elvis was not fond of Lennon’s anti-war position.

Frank Sinatra

Another celebrity to have a rocky relationship with Elvis was Frank Sinatra. Initially, they were friends, and Sinatra even praised Elives’ talent. However, things took a turn when Sinatra started criticizing rock and roll music. According to him it was “sung, played, and written for the most part by cretinous goons”. 

Elvis was offended by such comments, so he didn’t hold back and called Sinatra a “big mouth”. The two artists were in a feud with each other for several years, until they met up in the mid-60s.

The Beatles

The Beatles and Elvis were often compared to each other. The Beatles were the “British Invasion” and became a threat to the king of rock’n roll. Despite this, Elvis was said to had sent a telegram to the band inviting them to the USA and wishing them success.

Elvis and The Beatles never met in person. This led to the rise of some rumors about Elvis calling the British band a passing fad.

In general, Presley had a complicated personality. Both his career and his ersonal life were filled with contradictions. And despite this, Elvis Presley will always remain a legendary figure in the music industry. His contribution to music will be felt for generations to come!

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