A man saved an injured dog at the risk of his life

Well done boys!

Taiwan has a favorite tourist spot that is in high demand. This is Tarako National Park with its beautiful mountains. Therefore, local residents decided to build a guest house among the picturesque places of nature. In it, every visitor could stay for the night or just take a break.

One day an incident occurred that could have had a sad outcome. A resident of this hotel for tourists, who went for a walk in the park, saw a terrible picture. There was a dog lying in a makeshift stove made from an old iron barrel. She had a haggard look and bloodied front paws, where one of them was completely absent.

Later it turned out that the animal fell into one of the traps that are placed throughout the Tarako park. When the woman came closer, the dog himself was affectionate and did not show aggression. In appearance he was no more than a year old, but how much he managed to endure!

She was advised to immediately contact Sean McCormack, who is a local resident who comes to the aid of animals in distress. She immediately contacted him, writing a message and attaching a photo of the injured dog. Sean saw the letter immediately and immediately went to help.

He made a path to the guest house on the map, but then found that there was no direct road. To get to his destination, he must overcome the mountains and go through difficult impassable places. Yes, you can find workarounds, but is there a time when a wounded dog can die at any moment.

Sean was helped by his friend Rose Tweedy, who was well versed in the park and helped him get to the guest house. No one had done anything like this before, but even the fact that Sean was new to hiking didn’t stop him from coming to the rescue.

After 6 hours of a difficult journey through the impassable terrain of the mountains, the guys were in the guest house, but then it turned out that the dog had disappeared … After a short search, they found a wounded and frightened dog that was hiding under a mountain of chairs and tables. Sean quickly endeared the dog to him and he crawled out towards him already wagging his tail.

It was a boy and the guys immediately came up with a nickname for him – Sandy. Processed and bandaged paws. Then the dog was wrapped up and put in a large backpack to start back on the road. The road itself passed along the same difficult path. The guys carried Sandy on their backs in turn, and the dog obediently sat silent all the way. He seemed to feel that the guys only want the best for him.

Once the mountains were behind them, Rose and Sean immediately went to the vet. The dog was to have an operation to amputate a paw, but the doctors encouraged him that it was possible to put in a small prosthesis.

While Sandy was in treatment, Sean was written by people who were not indifferent to this story, who were ready to accept the dog and give him love and care.

After a full recovery, the dog immediately went to a new place of residence in good hands.“This story ended well, but it could have been different for each of us,” says Sean. “Rescuing this dog was worth every drop of our sweat and every second spent …”

Thanks to the open and kind hearts of the two guys, now the little dog has a real happy life, and loving owners are nearby!

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