A man saved the two lion cubs that their mother had left behind. The animals remembered their savior seven years later! (video)

Thankfully, there are lots of good people in the world who are devoted to saving and helping animals. Many animals are spared or given the chance to live in better conditions as a result of them. Animals are also incredibly special beings because they can thank those who have helped them. 

Kevin, a staff member at Lion Park, saw a mother lioness abandon her young pups. He transported the cubs to a South African rescue facility. Although they received excellent care there, the animals were nevertheless kept in cages. 

Kevin believed that animals should be allowed to live in freedom, therefore when the cubs were a bit older, they were released into the Wildlife Park. Lion cubs were taught to survive in the park without assistance from humans. 

Richardson made the decision to visit the cubs seven years later. He went back to Meg and Amy, the two places he had formerly abandoned the lion cubs. If they recognized him, he pondered. Richardson took a chance and went up to them. 

This moment was photographed. A lioness that was already an adult stepped in front of him and stared into his eyes. 

Meg suddenly approached her rescuer and gave him a bear hug. The animal recalled the man who cared about their future even after seven years had passed. Kevin Richardson founded the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, which became home to nearly 3,000 lions of all ages, after being moved by the lions’ loyalty.

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