A man who frequently fed him and played with him on the beach had a stray dog show up at his place of employment!

Dogs are not only obedient but also wise animals. Mohd Ridhuan, a Malaysian, was persuaded of this. He frequently encountered stray dogs when out with his mates at the beach. She was fed and petted by Mohd. 

The man was aware that he needed to bring something delicious for a stray dog before leaving the house and moving toward the seashore. And his canine companion was anticipating his arrival. 

Mohd spent a lot of time with him on the beach because he was unable to take him home. He entertained the dog by feeding it. The dog then made the decision to go see his mate at work one day.

Just picture Tohd’s shock at discovering the dog in front of his office door. This person recorded the event and posted the video online. The video spread like wildfire. 

A young man enjoys caring for a stray dog and is pleased with their bond. He urges everyone to be a little gentler and aid stray animals because when we help others, we first help ourselves.

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