A mangy husky follows a woman, but her care has changed him beyond recognition (video)

A woman from China, presumably Anhui province, was followed by a homeless husky who, even without an expert look, needed help. Perhaps the previous owner of this poor husky died, or maybe he was just thrown away, but it does not matter, because, in the end, he ended up on the street. People avoided the dog because of its shabby appearance, but the woman showed affection to her, and she no longer wanted to leave her.

The first meeting of a woman with a homeless husky.

He followed her and kept up with her as she rode her bike to work.

He was waiting for her at the door.

Then maybe the next day he came back.

Then the woman finally decided to take him.

She took him behind the store and fed him.

A little water for the husky.

The woman then took him to the veterinary clinic.

Where, for the purpose of treatment, doctors decided to shave off all his hair

All this time, the woman continued to visit him and cheer him up.

Husky lived on the street for a while.

But later a woman let him enter home.

Happy and in a dress.

After a full recovery, the husky turned into a real handsome dog.

Video of this touching story

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